Robbie Doyle

Robbie Doyle short bio

The Irish Folksinger and entertainer Robbie Doyle was born in the village of Ballyhale, Co.Kilkenny. He grew-up on the Atlantic coast of West Clare and later in West Waterford, counties steeped in Irish traditional music and song. During the Folk and Traditional revival of the 1970's,Robbie was a well-known figure on the Irish Tradmusic Scene, especially in and around Dublin.

In 1980 he moved and settled in, what was then, West- Berlin, Germany. Robbie was part of a community of international artists who entertained the local population during the “Cold War” years.

In the last 40 years he has travelled and performed around the world, along with recording and making guest appearances with artists such as Germany's Reinhard Mey. Robbie is best known for his beautiful and distinctive singing voice, his Irish humour and sharp wit. Along with that, he plays the Bodhran (the irish hand drum), rhythm bones, whistles and harmonica.