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It's time for culture

and it is a great pleasure to be able to invite you to concerts again

MAY 2022

Tour of the West-Waterford + West Cork + West Kerry regions of Ireland with gigs and sessions to celebrate life with friends after surviving Covid

JUNE 2022

Rehearsing with the Robbie Doyle Band for up and coming concerts after the Covid break

JULY 2022

A planned tour of Canada, with mainly house concerts - yet to be confirmed within the current Canadian Covid rules and regulations


Saturday 27th - Landhouse Himmelpfort am See

Sunday 28th Neustrelitz 18th Irish Summer Folkfestival

Fabrik Scheune Sandberg 3a

18th Irish Summer Folk Festival 2022

I am very happy to announce, that the 18th Irish summer Folk Festival, which had to be cancelled in 2020 and 2021 because of Covid, will finally take place in August this year. 

The Festival will be hosted in the beautiful culturally- rich city of Neustrelitz at the Fabrik.Scheune Am Sandberg 3a, just north of Berlin on Sunday the 28th August.

For further information please look at

Robbie Doyle


Saturday 3rd - NABU Blumberger Mühle,Angermunde

Sunday 4th Stadtpfarrkirche Müncheberg

Friday 9th  - Die Kirche in Gross Schauen - Storkow (Mark)

                   19:00 h

Saturday 10th Regenbogen Saal Blankenfelde


Saturday 15th 

DORV-Club Seddin e.V., Hauptstr. 17, 14554 Seddiner OT Seddin

20:00 h

Sorry, but cancelled by the organizer without any explanation and apology